Underground Churches in North Korea Growing

Monday, August 21, 2017

(Worthy News) - Christianity is spreading in North Korea as more North Koreans are rejecting the regime of Kim Jung-un and searching for faith a defector told The Telegraph.

"Officially sanctioned persecution of people for religious reasons is still there and, I would say, even stronger than before", the defector told The Telegraph.

But subtle changes are slowly becoming visible, said the defector, who declined to be named as he is active in assisting underground churches operating in the North.

"In some places, that has led to the emergence of shamens, but the Christian church is also growing and deepening its roots there", he said.

"Even though people know they could be sent to prison - or worse - they are still choosing to worship, and that means that more cracks are appearing in the regime and the system", he added. [ Source (Read More...) ]

2 thoughts on “Underground Churches in North Korea Growing

  1. It would help if the writer refrained from using "churches" to designate groups of worshiping Christians. Right now, as it's written, they could be anything. He might be speaking of groups worshiping Mary, the mother of Jesus (Y'shua) or saints or true followers of God's own Word come in the flesh.

  2. The "church age" is over. Please find new terms to help us pray for them who truly are our brethren "in Christ," in Messiah. Christianity and "the church" are not synonymous. That is one of the greatest disservices the western world had done to it's own.

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