UK discriminates against Syrian Christian refugees

Monday, September 21, 2015

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned the U.K. Prime Minister that his government's policy on refugees discriminates against Christians trying to leave Syria.

According to the Christian Post, the U.K. intends to accept 20,000 Syrian refugees. However, at a meeting with David Cameron last week, the Most Rev. Justin Welby said that the policy could exclude Christians from obtaining asylum because many of them have deliberately avoided refugee camps for fear of being targeted by Islamist groups operating inside them.

While the policy is committed to taking refugees on the basis of need and not that of religion, the Archbishop is concerned that the policy will effectively bar Syrian Christians from Britain.
In a speech in the House of Lords last week, Welby said that "within the camps there is significant intimidation and radicalization, and many -- particularly of the Christian population -- who have been forced to flee are unable to be in the camps."

Former Archbishop Lord Carey stated a similar concern when he told the Telegraph that "Christians are not to be found in the UN camps, because they have been attacked and targeted by Islamists and driven from them. They are seeking refuge in private homes, church buildings and with neighbors and family."

So, what is the government's policy for helping those not inside the camps, asked Welby.

3 thoughts on “UK discriminates against Syrian Christian refugees

    • God's own son Jesus Christ was not exempt from persecution and pain, God is God and it was His will that Jesus suffer and die on the cross for sinners how should it be we as men do otherwise for our Lord and savior, what did you expect?

    In his comments the Archbishop of Canterbury as part of UK policy on refugees fleeing Syria to be discriminatory only states the obvious is of no consequence. What he has apparently overlooked is the critical reason involving the unprecedented referee crisis occurring. That is the strategy behind the refugee crisis deliberately created by the Islamic military objective shifting the culture before the bloodshed. A sort of reversal in war results. What we have is the migration prior to any fighting to take land, kind of like putting the cart before the horse. During WW2 the Nazis used refugees to slow the advance of the allied troops and of course at the cost of collateral damage, the Islamic community is moving into the new and promised lands without a shot being fired, that is until they have resettled then the fighting will take place and blood will be spilt as we have seen in France. Christians are pawns in the great Islamic scheme of world domination, much like the reason the early crusades came about in defense. Chopping of the heads of Christians, torture and all manor of cruelty is a great strategy by Muslims to meet their established goals as expounded in the Koran that to legitimize the refugee crisis, if it weren’t for the Christians being slaughtered countries would not be so eager to welcome the so called oppressed who in fact are not oppressed at all and Great Britain like so many western civilizations pride themselves on their superior humanitarian understanding that is without the grace of God, and so the UK as the US and the other nations that have turned their back on God will welcome with open arms the migrant refugee with no means of support, with no home, with no education of western culture, with no medical clearance etc. and turn away the Christian simply because Western Countries do not need God and they are willing to allow them the Christians to be killed or tortured to prove their own goodness in a world that makes up its own morality, or should I say lack or morality.

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