Tunisia: Muslims tape murder of Christian convert

Thursday, June 14, 2012

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

CAIRO, EGYPT (Worthy News)-- Talk show host Tawfiq Okasha recently appeared on "Egypt Today" by showing a video of Muslims beheading a man for the Islamic crime of apostasy: the "crime" of converting to Christianity and then refusing to renounce that conversion.

In the video, the convert is held down with a knife to his throat by masked men while an unknown narrator recites Islamic prayers that condemn Christianity, a religion Islam considers polytheistic because of its Triune Godhead.

"Let Allah be avenged on the polytheist apostate," said the narrator in Arabic. "Allah empower your religion, make it victorious against the polytheists ..."

These vindictive prayers are not uncommon in Islam; similar prayers are broadcast in Mecca over megaphones as Muslim pilgrims circle the Ka'ba, petitioning Allah to make the lives of Christians and Jews one of "endless despair, unrelenting pain and unremitting ailment."

Finally, at the cue of "Allahu Akbar," the man with the knife begins to cut the apostate's thoat: it takes nearly two minutes to finally sever his head, which is then held high to chants of victory as Okasha asks: "Is this Islam?

Recently a leading Egyptian Salafi proclaimed that no Muslim has the right to leave his religion because of Muhammad's command to kill anyone who does; in fact, the first caliph had thousands of apostates killed by burning, beheading, and crucifixion because they tried to abandon Islam after the death of its prophet. Even today, apostasy in Islamic states is still a capital crime.

So yes, Okasha, this is indeed Islam!

18 thoughts on “Tunisia: Muslims tape murder of Christian convert

  1. It angers me deeply and my spirit cries out to God for the right heart, the righteousness of God to rise in me and not my human nature. May God comfort our brothers and sisters in every muslim country. oh that I could hold them all in love and comfort them in my arms of gods love...I cannot, be He can. May they turn to Him today and call on Him. He will not refuse their cries. Come Lord Jesus

    • You seemingly kind-hearted and God fearing people need to realize one thing if you really want to save souls and your own.  There is no such thing as a non-Catholic Christian and there is absolutely no salvation Outside of the Catholic Church.  But don't be fooled, by the devils greatest deception of all time because what is called today the "Catholic" church is in no way Catholic.  Benedict is not a legitimate Pope and is what true traditional Catholics call an antipope.  There have been approximately 42 antipopes in the history of the church.  We haven't had a real pope since Pius XII.  We are living in the very last days of the end times.  There is almost no more time.  Protestantism is heretical and is not authentic Chrisitianity and if followed will lead to damnation the same goes for vatican 2 counterfeit "Catholicism".  If you do the research and really know your Christian history you'll realize that true Catholicism is the only truly biblically based Church of God that was given to us and created by God Himself and governed by Christ's vicar on Earth St. Peter as the first TRUE pope of God's one true Catholic and apostolic church.  By the way Catholic means universal.  Matthew 16:16-18 is the proclamation of the office of the Papacy which is one of the three basic dogmas of true Christianity that an adult above the age of reason must believe in order to be saved.  Of course if that adult remains a true Catholic for the rest of his life he is responsible for knowing as much about the faith as possible and remaining free from at least all mortal sin which is a damnable offense.  What I mean is that if say for instance you encountered a person above the age of reason who seemed close to death, obviously that person wouldn't have enough time to know all the intricacies of the faith, but you would have to impress upon them the direness of their situation and if they were open you would have to make sure they understood and accepted the Trinity and the Incarnation, the office of the papacy, and what constitutes the most common mortal sins, etc.  also they would need to know the Our Father, the Apostle's Creed, and the Hail Mary, and if they accepted all of that you would then most definitely need to baptize him/her.  Because John 3:5 is the most important dogma of the Catholic faith which is " Verily, verily I say unto you. Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God" .  That means that the sacrament of baptism is the most neccessary sacrament of all and that noone even an infant can enter Heaven without it no matter how many virtues the person has.  This is true original Christianity.  You people got to realize as gentle and caring as the people who call themselves "Christian" on this planet may seem if they die holding to heresies they are not really Christians and will be lost.  That is the infinite tragedy we people of conscience are facing every day because the devil's power in the world right now and the level of deception is so enormous its beyond a David and goliath situation here.  There are so few true Christians, maybe a couple thousand at most, that all of these potential converts are falling into Hell by the second.  This shouldn't surprise you.  Remember Our Lord warned us in the words:  " When the Son of Man returns, think He find you faith on Earth".  There's gonna be a whole lot of "Christians" on judgement day that are going to realize because of the lack of true shepherds out there and some more than others their own bad will don't even hold the initial seed of Christianity which is all the truths of the faith we must hold to our dying breath to even be considered Christians let alone good ones.  If you want to learn more you must go right away to the most erudite and important authentically Christian website on the net: http://WWW.VATICANCATHOLIC.COM  They are pretty much the only ones defending the true, authentic, and original Christian faith that there ever was which is true Traditional Catholicism.  WAKE UP PEOPLE AND HEED THE CALL AND TRY TO SAVE YOURS AND AS MANY SOULS AS POSSIBLE IN THESE VERY LAST DAYS!!!

      • I think Joseph (son of Jacob) set the example by not bowing to no man as if they were GOD. Catholics bow in front of statues and then bow in front of a man they call the pope and call him holy father? None of that is biblically based! Period!

        And for being saved? Only through The Christ Jesus can anybody come to the HOLY FATHER/GOD/YAHWEH or which ever biblical translation you read! The Christ Jesus said it so it is so!

        •  You say that it is not biblical to pay homage to a true Pope with great respect, not LATRIA which is the supreme form of worship reserved for the Holy Trinity alone (GOD).  There are different levels of paying great respect to Heavenly spirits much holier than ourselves.  The honor that is given to Mary (the greatest of all creatures ever made), is called hyperdulia because the original church, (Catholic), church teaches infallibly that she is greater than all the saints in Heaven, yet still infitely geneath God Himself and less than an atom compared to Him because He is infinite majesty.  Bowing before someone other than yourself doesn't always mean you adore that person which is reserved for God only.  In fact the saintly Old Testament figure Jacob prostrates himself before his brother Esau to show humility and respect.  Does that mean he thinks he is God?  Of course not!  You as a protestant will refer to the fact that a Catholic calls a true Pope father and then refer to Christ's passage where He says call noone Father but God Himself.  You take that literally.  Don't you realize that if you take that literally you couldn't even call your biological father by that same monacher.  All it that passage means is not to give the same level of attachment/affection/devotion/worship to any created being above God. PERIOD!  WAKE UP MAN!!!  You're full of heresy and that will damn you if you don't really research the history of the early and original God-given church, the (Catholic Church) and find out what true Christianity really is.  All those ancient men and women that died terrible, bloody, and sometimes prolonged deaths rather than renounce even one iota given to be believed by God's one true church, (Catholic).  And that amount of dedication and faith has lasted although in waning numbers up until about 1968 in which the final and most powerful days of the predicted great deception began.  What you think in the 1500's when your so called "saint" Martin Luther began the protestant "reformation" that the "true" interpretation of Christianity was finally revealed.  think how absurd that is!!  What God just let all those truly saintly early Christians be in the dark about how to truly interpret His word and have been lost for all eternity even though those early Christian (Catholics) were far holier than Luther, Wycliffe, Hus, or any other protestant and in fact comparitively make the protestants look like Stalin.  Many of these early Catholic Christian saints performed countless miracles along with the miracle of dying horribly painful deaths without blaspheming Our Lord or reneging on His faith.  Don't you realize for the first part of Luther's movement he accepted the legitimacy of the Papal office.  I mean its biblically based.  Think of Matthew 16:16-18.  What do you think that's some superfluous passage?  Luther was a terrible man who was demon possessed and used by the devil to obscure true Christianity and kickstart the last 500 years of the apocalypse.  why do you think he renounced his Augustinian monk status and married a nun.  He was incredibly disturbed too.  Luther is correctly quoted as saying someone could commit fornication and murder a thousand times a day and still not lose his "justification".  What a pernicious lie!!!  Don't you realize Our Lord tells us if you are even angry with your brother you will not escape judgement or to even look at a woman with lust you've already committed adultery in your heart.  but this heretic who also had a fascination with crude subjects such as the bathroom  was correct after 1500 years. Give me a break!!!  Protestantism is nothing but man made religion.  Why do you think there are over 25,000 different Non-Catholic denominations today?  If God wanted His children to be saved why would He make the "truth" open to that many interpretations.  Obviously He didn't but gave us one Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic church that taught us the correct interpretations of scripture.  And back to the VENERATION of statues of saints: here is the biblical passage where Jacob,a saint, bowed before Esau, a wicked sinner.  Genesis 33:3 "And he [Jacob] went forward and bowed down with his face to the ground several times until his brother [Esau] came near.  Was he confused that Esau was God?  Of course not man!!  Catholics don't practice idol worship by bowing before statues of saints and Mary the greatest of all saints.  That would be heresy and idolatry.  they use them simply to help them direct there thoughts and prayers to the heavenly kingdom and ask for these holy beings' intercession.  I'm not going to quote all the biblical passages that support this, but the Bible clearly teaches that not all men are equal before God and that he uses the intercessory power of many saintly men to help gain favors for less holy people so that they will be saved to.  Because the Catholic interpretation, (the original interpretation), teaches that God uses all of His people and has a plan for them to act out His will on Earth.  If your myopic  assumption was true that would mean that the original Jews were practicing idol worship when they built and prayed to the Ark of the Covenant.  Obviously common sense tells us that is not the case.  Go to the site and learn what true Christianity has always taught and humble yourself and realize that you might not know what you're talking about.

      • Shameless Lost Heretic doublespeak:

        a: "There is no such thing as a non-Catholic Christian and there is
        absolutely no salvation Outside of the Catholic Church."

        b: " But don't be
        fooled, by the devils greatest deception of all time because what is
        called today the "Catholic" church is in no way Catholic. "

        The pathetic hypocritical madness within the minds of those who follow one of the many versions of the lineage-gnostic-pagan-fusion cult of the Queen of Heaven knows absolutely no shame or repentance. It was all foretold of in the Bible, the ONLY revelation of God to mankind, which is obeyed by His followers who ARE the church.

        •  This is the last reply I'll write to you because I'm pretty sure you're not going to admit your wrong no matter how much logical and factual evidence I site and use.  But what you pointed out as double speak is in no way fatuous at all.  You're just desperate to make me look wrong because of your blind pride instead of humbling admitting maybe you don't have much to back up your commonly spread heresies.  When I said that what is called the "Catholic" church today is not Catholic that isn't double speak like saying WAR is PEACE which is an obviou contradiction.  Pay attention to the word TODAY.  Because that means that the buildings that once held the faith and the vestments that once clothed legitimate priests and bishops, etc. have been infiltrated by Freemasons and Communists as the Illumintati's long time goal leaving only the appearance of the "Catholic" Church without what really makes it Catholic which is the faith.  If I said for instance "There is no Salvation outside of the Catholic Church but the Catholic church is not really catholic that might be doublespeak, but even that's not totaly double speak.  Doublspeak is replacing a word with its complete opposite and giving the same meaning and power to its opposite which happens in politics all the time.  I was just saying that like so many other institutions that maybe once were valid in these very last days of the end times are no longer what they used to be.  Its not about me or you.  I'm not trying to bully you or prove you wrong I'm trying to alert you to true historical Christianity so that you'll save your soul, but I'm sure you won't do that and that's a tragic shame.  You're just like the 100's of millions of other so called "Christians" in this world who have no idea that they're holding heresy because they're so few true Christians left to preach to them.  However you're worse.  Because a lot of those others are amongst the third world who if they heard the logical facts and evidence I've used would most likely convert and save their poor souls from Hell.  One last thing think about the ridiculous assertion that the Bible is the only written word of God to follow.  Yes it is the infallible and inerrant Word of God that is a fact, but it is not the only source of Christian teaching.  If that were true than how come the first 1500 years of the church most people didn't own bibles?  The simple answer is there was no printing press and so certain very holy men, (The Early Fathers) were entrusted with preaching the correct interpretations of scripture and the dogmatic articles of the faith which every true Christian must believe if they even want a chance of being saved.  Why do you think Paul says in Timothy:  Take heed unto scripture, and doctrine, and exhortation...?  That's correctly interpreted that since most people didn't have a bible back then the infallible word of God was also delivered by spoken word through these very holy Catholic saints.  But you aren't even aware of that and you're calling me a "Shameless lost Heretic".  You poor thing you're basically the pot calling the kettle black.  If you had any modicum of humility you'd realize you're wrong and admit and then research the site, but you won't do that.

  2. Muslims must not understand that as Christians we worship One God, the only true God and Creator of us all, yet He is three in one.  Just as water, ice, and steam are one thing - water, God has the Personhood of all three entities, God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We cannot put God in a box with our limited thinking, as His ways are not our ways.  He will make this mystery known to us, so we can understand.  If we are thinking in our fleshly bodies, we cannot understand the spiritual things God wants to reveal to us.  There is one simple thing about our faith, that if we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, we will be saved.  Through that belief, the progression of our faith helps reveal to us the Personhood and Spiritual attributes of God.  Just as Roman Soldiers killed Jesus, these Muslims are killing because the do not know the truth.  Jesus' prayer was, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."  May God be with our Sisters and Brothers in Christ!

    • Do you know what "Allah" means? It means "One True GOD" Thats all it means and nothing more!. Not that I am a muslim nor do I want to be but I know how to look up the meaning of a word! One more thing. Muslims don't have anything to do with why western society is going down a dark hole! Research where a lot of these European and US political and fortune 500 leaders attend larger gatherings. Places like "The Bohemin Grove" in the northern California Redwoods, wearing occult garmets repeating prayers to stone statues called Molec. Thats western societys leaders for you.

      So called Christians need to open their eyes to what their own leaders are doing instead of getting side tracked by political warmongering propaganda!

      •  "Do you know what "Allah" means? It means "One True GOD""

        LIAR. Allah is the name of the moon god, the ancient pagan middle eastern god that came from the same place that belief in jins and all sorts of other things in Islam came from, desert sand demented simple minds.

  3. Masked man beheaded a Christian ? How do we know they are Muslims ? Just because they talk about Allah ? The way I see it, this could be a false flag done by somebody who wants to make Muslims look bad.


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