Syria: IS Abducts Dozens of Christians

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Islamic State jihadists have captured several Christian families after seizing Qaryatain, a town in the Syrian province of Homs.

According to International Christian Concern, hundreds were kidnapped by IS, including Christians from the Dar Alyan monastery. Women and children were also seized from families that IS suspected were collaborating with the Assad regime.

"ICC unequivocally condemns this most recent abduction of Christians in Syria," said Isaac Six, ICC's Advocacy Director. "No one, even in time of war, should fear being kidnapped, held for ransom and possibly executed simply for their religious beliefs. We grieve for the families of those who have been abducted even as we call on the United States and other allies to step up efforts to protect Christians and other religious minorities from the barbaric actions of the Islamic State."

Qaryatain is a strategic town located along the Damascus-Homs Highway, a route used by IS to move its supplies and jihadists.

8 thoughts on “Syria: IS Abducts Dozens of Christians

  1. Among the horrible repotts of death there are many miracle reports of deliverace what if it were our prayers that made the difference

  2. Well, here's the problem, the "issue" isn't it? You say "Christians" but how do we know that they are Christians? They could me Catholics who adore/worship Mary, our Lord's mother, instead. Or also. And really, what are they doing there, still in Syria? If Catholic, why didn't the RC fly them out of there?! Francis has the funds to do so. If they are (real) Christians, again, what are they doing there? We who likewise would be overjoyed to
    assist in paying for them to have flown out of there, don't know where or how to do so. That's not godly, that we can't find how to assist our brethren in Syria. Like it's going to end peacefully and bountifully to
    Christians there soon? Those who take or keep their children IN such countries need to be thinking this one out first, and now.

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