Suicide bombers attack Pakistan church, killing at least 9, officials say

Sunday, December 17, 2017

(Worthy News) - Two suicide bombers attacked a church in Pakistan where hundreds of worshippers were attending service ahead of Christmas, killing at least nine people and injuring dozens of others, officials said.

One of the suicide bombers was shot dead outside Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in Quetta, but the other assailant made it to the church's entrance hall as Sunday services opened, said Sarfaraz Bugti, home minister for the southwestern Baluchistan province. The gunman — who didn’t gain access to the main building — opened fire at the churchgoers before detonating his explosive vest.

“There were nearly 400 people inside the church, but the attackers couldn’t get inside the services,” provincial police chief Moazzam Jah told Reuters. “We killed one of them, and the other one exploded himself after police wounded him,” he said. [ Source: Fox News (Read More...) ]

2 thoughts on “Suicide bombers attack Pakistan church, killing at least 9, officials say

  1. Why were 400 people inside a church in this country on a Sunday morning?

    Is there any other place wherein they might have placed themselves and their family members (loved ones) in MORE danger?

    Salvation is "in" the Name of Y'shua HaMashiach (Jesus, the Christ) not a church, any church.

    Only the stuperstitious believe in material objects to save them from the evil one and his minions.

    The "church" isn't "in" Christ, it's "in" (Roman) Catholicism. That's not even inside of true Christianity. Sure, there are a few catholics who've come to know Jesus personally, in our times. However, the word Church doesn't even belong "in" Christianity (or Messianic Judaism, where they know what I am talking about, at least).

    What is "church" doing inside of a Protestant denomination? Don't their leaders own concordances? Do they not have Bibles? Are there no Hebrew or Greek Scholar's among them to look these matters up?

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