Police Kill Christians in Churches in DR Congo as Demonstrators Protest President's Rule

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

(Worthy News) - Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo allegedly opened fire and deployed tear gas inside churches on Sunday, killing at least eight Christians, and arrested more than 100 people after Christians carrying Bibles and crucifixes joined protests against the rule of President Joseph Kabila.

Eighty-two people, including priests, were taken into custody in Kinshasa, while 41 people were arrested in the rest of the vast African nation, after protests were held against President Kabila's refusal to step down from power, AFP reported, noting that a policeman was among those killed.

The government had banned the protests under the pretext that it didn't have the capacity to police them, and had shut down mobile phone text message and data signals for "state security" reasons, according to The Times. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

1 thought on “Police Kill Christians in Churches in DR Congo as Demonstrators Protest President's Rule

  1. Okay.

    We have a bunch of people inside churches, on a Sunday, who were fired upon. Is there any place to better plan to get killed in this nation than in a church, on a Sunday (except maybe being there in Christmas and/or Easter?). Also some 100 people were arrested after people "carrying Bibles and crucifixes" joined in public protests against that country's President. Hey, die for that if they want to but why involve Jesus as if it's God's will? That the government there had banned those protests. The apostles only disobeyed the law when the gospel was ordered silenced. Among the 100, some "eighty-two people, including priests" (think Catholic) were in one area alone.

    Does this not sound like people who wanted to become persecuted and suffer, or not? I mean, this was a a banned public protest, not over the gospel of Jesus Christ, but for political reasons. It was outlawed! But to make themselves more prone to abuse, they brought along their Bibles and/or crucifixes.

    Jesus does not call us to rush into to where angels fear to treat and die, though it can be understood that in some countries that might be tempting thing, to just get it all over with and go "home" to Jesus, think NKorea.

    It was Nietzsche, the Atheist, who wrote "God is Dead." Master Eckhart, a Catholic theologian, 1260-1328, wrote "The fleetest beast to bear you to perfection is suffering." Not God. Not Jesus. A Catholic Theologian. That's the same theology that raised up leagions of wives to suffer, and be abused. That's why catholics self flagulate now and then, because of some weird sick doctrines of demons. It's sick. It has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. The Messiah came to set us free and of course He is there to help us when we suffer through no fault of our own. How is it no fault of our own when we go march in banned protests, making ourselves marks by bringing our Bibles and crucifix along trying to make believe God is on our side. Meeting in Churches, on Sundays, how is that not asking for abuse in countries like this? Wanna die, can't think of a better plan to get suicided by cop there.

    As long as we who serve Messiah are here, we are to not waste our lives, talents, spouses, loved ones, children, or followers, rushing headlong into the jaws of "suicide by cop" but to live the gospel, preach the gospel, in wisdom. Jesus told us not to cast our pearls before swine. Foolishness!

    Seems the whole eastern world doesn't understand suffering for no good reason makes no marks with God. Too bad, if there weren't so many Catholics ("priests") involved, maybe these "Christians" would seek the Lord and His righteousness, guidance, wisdom, etc. first.

    It is not God's plan for their children to grow up without mothers and fathers. They don't need the priests, Jesus is the Eternal and only High Priest. It's in the Book of Hebrews. If the priests can't follow their own Bibles, why listen to a word they say.

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