Persecution Trends Report Lists Top Countries of Concern for 2018

Sunday, December 31, 2017

(Worthy News) - A group which monitors Christian persecution around the world has released a new report listing countries where attacks and restrictions on Christians are likely to increase. These include China, India and Nigeria.

The annual Persecution Trends Report by the U.K.-based group Release International, which also helps persecuted Christians, warns that Christians in China look set to face a harsh new year, noting that the communist country has been cracking down on Christmas celebrations in some districts, banning Santa Claus and Christmas hats to further tighten its squeeze on Christianity.

China, the report says, is "a key country of concern for 2018." [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

1 thought on “Persecution Trends Report Lists Top Countries of Concern for 2018

  1. Are we really to defend anyone's "right" to celebrate Santa? Seriously? Are they saying this stuff with a straight face? The wearing of
    Christmas hats in the name of Christianity is something true Christians in China wish to die for? K, let them. It's called mashochism to love suffering so much someone will do it for the silliest reasons they can come up with.

    We, real Christians, are willing to die for Christ, but choose life just as we are instructed to. To die is, in fact, gain. If one is going to heaven to be with Y'shua and his Father and ours. To die for the right to wear a Christmas hat (who in the western hemisphere even knows what a Christmas hat is?) is gross foolishness, at best. To die for the belief that there is somehow some eternal salvation in the "veneration" of Mary, is heresy, unless you be a Mariologist, then it's their religion and not Christianity at all.

    Seriously? What has either of those "Christmas" things to do with following the Messiah, God's living Word? Find the word "Christmas" at all, in a Bible yet, me neither.

    The group reporting this is probably mixing in the stats on who is persecuted for worshiping Mary, the mother of Jesus, as "Christian Persecution" too, along with some Mad Hatters and Pope and (catholic) priest worshipers too.

    While it is awful to persecute anyone, for any reason, letting in activities that are in no way Christian gives the world skewed results, false ideas of what Christianity is about, and works against us praying well and/or effectively for those who really do most deserve our prayers while they experience real persecution for Jesus, the Christ (our Messiah), and donations, helps, etc.

    Santa? Christmas Hats? Honestly? Try doing that to God's face and see if He likes it. Hope you got (and understand well) the blood of the Lamb slain if foolish enough to try it.

    Galatians 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." KJV

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