Pakistan: mourners bury 11 killed in Quetta church suicide attack, as 50 injured

Monday, December 18, 2017

(Worthy News) - Pakistani Christian mourners today (Monday) are burying their dead only days before they should be celebrating Christ’s birth.

Worshippers were lining up to take the Holy Communion when at least two men, armed and wearing suicide vests, attacked Bethel Memorial Methodist Church in western Pakistan’s restive city Quetta on Sunday morning. They left at least eleven dead and more than 50 injured, many in a critical condition, unofficial local figures say.

“It was a pleasant morning. We had sung songs and children had presented a Christmas program. Pastor Simon Bashir had finished his sermon and we were moving towards the altar when we started hearing gunfire outside the church,” said Sohail Yousuf. His 13 year-old daughter Mehak lost her life; her 16 year-old sister Wasiqa is critically ill after an operation in Quetta’s Combined Military Hospital (CMH). [ Source: World Watch Monitor (Read More...) ]

4 thoughts on “Pakistan: mourners bury 11 killed in Quetta church suicide attack, as 50 injured

  1. Persecution is part of the Christian faith. May the Lord comfort the church of God in Pakistan. We have been going through this for some time in Nigeria. God will soon put an end to this Islamic nightmares

  2. May God comfort and protect His children who have been sorely hurt and damaged by these events.

    May God teach His little ones the follies of keeping a day which God did not authorize or ordain as a "holy convocation" unto Him, now. May He help them to recover/repent from these terrible lessons of following in the Catholic wake, tradition, and doctrines.

    May He shelter them under His arms now and forever more.

    May our God wake up His Son's (espoused) bride still on the earth to this truth, there is no Church in Christ, only individuals bought by the blood of the Lamb, who are "in Christ" aka "in Messiah" and the assemblies (groups) to which they may belong. The Church age was for ignorant Gentiles born from above. There never has been a True church. Like many ill (errant) doctrines, God loved us with them, regardless. However, we were to grow out of childish things.

    Stop searching for "the real church" aka "the true church." It doesn't exist.

    Save your families.

    Meet with other Believer's, yes. But not in a "church." The Church is catholic and not godly at all. Just as the doctrines of catholic priests do err also. Leave them to it and save yourself and your families before it is too late.

    Being a "called out" one is what is important. Meet with the others who are the same, saved the same (the one and only) Way. That's not in a church, at all.

    See, your Bibles. Read, your Bibles. Lacking Bibles, ask God and believe Him when He answers.

    True fellowship is Cornerstone(d) on God's Word.

    Not catholic words.

  3. The author says "only days before they should be celebrating Christ’s birth."

    Who says so? Who says we (Christians) "should be celebrating Christ's birth" at this time of year, or at all? Sinful rules like that lead lambs to the slaughter, just as it has been proven by these consequences.

    Where, exactly, does it say in our Bibles, any of our Bible versions, that we should gather to celebrate the birth of our Savior? Where is that verse?

    The apostle John say that any/all of us were to annually celebrate Christ's birth as if it was one of God's established days to meet with each other and worship?


    Peter, maybe?

    No, Rome made that rule. Catholic's rule Rome.

    It was Rome killed our Lord and Christ.

    And it's doctrines love "the death of (God's) saints."

    Be aware.

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