Nigeria: Pastors kidnapped in Kaduna State

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

By Joseph DeCaro

(Worthy News) - Unidentified gunmen last week kidnapped three United Church of Christ in Nigeria clerics in Kaduna State.

According to Morning Star News, masked gunmen stormed a camp site where the pastors were preparing for an Easter retreat. Armed with AK-47s, the gunmen dragged the clerics into their vehicle as the rest fled for their lives.

Abducted were the Reverends Emmanuel Dziggau, Yakubu Dzarma and Iliya Anto, a retired church leader. Although Anto was released just hours after his abduction due to poor health, the kidnappers still demanded 100 million naira (US$500,000) for the other two clerics.

Local police officials said they have set up a special task force to address cattle rustlers in Kaduna state who have now turned to kidnapping.

1 thought on “Nigeria: Pastors kidnapped in Kaduna State

  1. United Church of Christ is a Christian Protestant Religion with no affiliation to Islam and the Muslim religion. Muslims refer to their religious leaders as Clerics and not protestant’s and should not to be confused with a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ a reverend or pastor, ignorance is no excuse for promoting mistruths.
    Cleric is a relative to evil so whom ever is writing this article has no clue to Christianity and should not be writing, as it will only confuse those who know nothing about Christianity and Islam, there is absolutely no connection none whatsoever. The God of the crescent moon Allah is a pagan Arabic God in direct conflict with God Jehovah creator of the earth and all life there upon.
    In Fact Clerics promote and encourage this kind of behavior against Christians, it is their doctrin of death to the infadel and nothing new, what's new is the ignorance of the so-called journalist.

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