Mexico: Baptists families expelled

Thursday, February 4, 2016

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Ten Baptist families were unceremoniously expelled from the community of Tuxpan de Bolanos in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, last week for refusing to recant their faith.

According to International Christian Concern, the eviction was executed on Jan. 26 by local citizens who loaded 18 adults and 10 children unto pickup trucks and then drove them into the nearby mountains where they were abandoned.
The eviction was the latest incident in the systematic persecution of evangelical Christians in rural Mexico. ICC has estimated that there are 70 open cases of religious persecution against minority Christian communities in six Mexican states.

"ICC is disturbed to learn of another instance of religious minorities being expelled by local governments on the basis of their faith," said Nate Lance, ICC's Advocacy Manager. "It is equally disturbing that despite being notified of multiple cases of persecution throughout rural Mexico, the state and federal government refuse to protect their religious minorities or prosecute perpetrators. As a result, these families are now religious refugees in their own country...."

6 thoughts on “Mexico: Baptists families expelled

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  2. Catholicism is built into the foundation of Mexico (and not a few other places around the world). This is the result. On a scale of 1-10, it is nothing compared to what (Spanish) Roman Catholic did to the ancestors of these very same perpetrators. Until the residents of these towns repent both
    of what was done to them, now them doing to others, it's a miracle the
    Baptist's were only taken and abandoned. This is what happens when our world fails to call an adversary an enemy.

    • God is very busy these days hearing all the prayers for so many persecuted Christians, who will come to the rescue? Who did God send to rescue the Jews from the death camps? it was a coalition of the Christian world in the Allied forces and today the Jews have all they can do to defend themselves never mind save the world from Christian Genocide, Pray for ourselves too it's just a matter of time and the only hope will be in the promise of our Lord and Savior, he will rescue his children. For the love of God why can't the people of God rise above this world and trust in the promise given His saved of the Lord. I remember one thing my dear departed aunt Mable said as believer one day about the joy of the Lord "you can not be on the mountain top all the time and you must walk through the valley to get to the mountain top" God bless her soul, she was right and this poor Baptist Church Family is living proof.

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