Mexican Mob attacks Christians, Church

Monday, November 18, 2013

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (Worthy News)-- Traditionalist Catholics assaulted a congregation of evangelical Christians with rods and stones in Oaxaca, Mexico last week, according to Morning Star News.

The evangelicals were part of a mission from an independent Pentecostal Church.

The Traditionalists also attacked the congregation's unfinished church with sledgehammers and pick-axes; the attacks were reportedly in response to the congregation's failure to support local Catholic festivals, according to the National Commission on Human Rights.

Still following the Roman doctrines and teachings practiced prior to the Vatican II reforms, Traditionalist Catholics living in the more remote regions of Mexico have used that country's "Law of Uses and Customs" -- a law originally crafted to protect the religious rights of indigenous communities -- to force their religious rites upon minority faiths.

The battle between the Uses and Customs law and freedom of religion -- as laid out in Mexico's Constitution -- has allowed some local authorities to violate the rights of other religous communities with impunity, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

16 thoughts on “Mexican Mob attacks Christians, Church

  1. Such nice Christians those Catholics ! Useless and power hungry tramp of a church desperately clinging to power ... Soon she will be gone and people wise up

  2. The RCC always hated competition because of the lose of revenues . I have heard of Catholic mobs being incited by the local Priests to bodily attack evangelical Christian evangelist missionary groups through-out the world in 3rd world counties . I am sure the Papacy Loves it . I was once called a dirty protestant by my catholic family . The bible says that those in bondage shall attack those that are free ( true children of God ) .

      • The added books of the Catholic bible have no meaning and the writers of those book claim not to be inspired , nor cannon of scripture . The prof is that there is no more clergy and laity system , or Popes ( Vicar of Christ on earth while Jesus sits in heaven ) . The Roman Catholic church ( RCC) system is unbiblical . The only high priest is Jesus Christ , and Not the Pope . The whole RCC is unbiblical !

        • Added Books? These are books that were deleted by protestant non-believers to suit their own purpose of leading people away from God and the true and only Church of Jesus Christ, sentencing their misguided souls to eternal damnation. The Catholic Church predates all forms of protestant worship. Either you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God or it isn't. Unfortunately you promote the false teaching promulgated by Satan himself.

          As far as the true Church being "unbiblical", it is only "unbiblical" in Satan's edited version of the word of God. We will pray for your soul and ask that one day you will see the error in your ways and accept Jesus into your heart through the one and only true Church of Jesus Christ.

          • The RCC is not the mother church and is not 2000 years old . Peter was not the first Pope, either . The RCC was started 325 AD ( look up the Christian church history ) and the additional books add nothing to the things of Jesus Christ . However , the RCC constantly adds dogma , and man made rules ( doctrine of men ) from it's inception . Peter was an Apostle to the Jews and Paul was an Apostle to the gentiles . So, it would have been Paul set as your so-called Pope , not Peter . The RCC is a false religious system with some truth and a mountain of leaven .

      • So, Donny, if you believe that the Bible is the word of God and should be followed then if you have children and they misbehave, let me know. I and my friends will be over to stone them to death. And if you eat shellfish or wear clothing of more than one fabric, that is an abomination. But, you probably like to cherry pick the Bible to take the things that you like and disregard the rest (of God's words)

  3. Evangelical Christians should be attacked. They bring a false faith and have no right to claim a relationship with Jesus Christ. They alter the Bible to their own liking going so far as to eliminating several books of the Holy Bible. Their preachers have barely graduated from High School and couldn't understand a simple magazine no less the word of God.

    It is time for corrupt evangelical protestants to repent and see the error in their ways or feel the wrath of God. Their leaders are secret emissaries of the Vanderbilt family whose duty remains to serve Satan in all they do. Onward Christian Soldiers Marching Off to War With the Cross of Jesus Going on Before!!!!!!!! This is a Catholic song and the Protestant usurpers would fall under the same sword as other heathens did in the past. This is the price of blasphemy..

    The Catholic Church is the first and only truly Christian Church and all those who fallow the teachings of the Protestants shall suffer eternal damnation for their sins.Make no mistake the Christian God is a vengeful and jealous God and those that mislead the populations of Earth shall pay!

    • The RCC church system is set up and controlled by a bunch of Pharisees . You say " Their preachers have barely graduated from High School " The Pharisees called the great Apostles unlearned men , and these men turned the world upside down through the Power of God's Holy Spirit . The Holy Spirit , by the Word of God in the bible , gives gifts to men as teachers of God's Word and correct doctrine unto salvation in Jesus Christ alone by Faith ; Not in some religious doctrine of men in the school of Pharisees of the RCC. .

  4. I am a Catholic and this is NOT what the Church officially endorses or teaches. In respecting the dignity of every human life, she acts with peace, love and justice! Please do not use the radical movement of a few individuals to reflect the entire Church!

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