India Extremists Beat Evangelical Pastor Unconscious; Family Attacked

Monday, October 22, 2012

NEW DELHI, INDIA (Worthy News)-- An Indian evangelical pastor was recovering of injuries, after he and his family were beaten by "anti-Christian" Hindu extremists near the capital New Delhi, a major mission group and relatives said.

Lal Mani Prasad of the Immanuel Believers Fellowship congregation was reportedly beaten last Sunday, October 14, at his home in the Narela area of India's administrative district of North West Delhi.

In published remarks his son Samuel Prasad, who suffered a broken hand, said at least two men entered the house and used "a steel water bucket" to hit his father's head till he was unconscious.

The beatings were encouraged by nearly a dozen other Hindus who earlier hurled stones and other materials at the pastor's family home, Christian witnesses said.

"The pastor was beaten badly by the anti-Christians while getting ready for his church's Sunday service," added mission group Hopegivers International (HI), which supports the family.


Additionally, his "wife, son and daughter were badly bruised" with rods in the 30-minute attack, confirmed HI President and Chief Executive Officer Samuel A. Thomas.

Pastor Prasad, "was taken to the [local] hospital, treated and released. [However] after a few days, he was readmitted...with internal bleeding," Thomas explained in a statement to Worthy News.

"The pastor was brought to a local hospital where he required 18 stitches on his head," HI said.

Local Christians said the attack came after the family was told this year by "extremist Hindus" that they would kill the pastor if he continued with his Christian activities.


HI said its pastor had been "serving the Lord...with the ministry for the last 15 years".

Thomas said he had urged supporters "to pray for the family" was they have to rebuild their lives, and home.

"The anti-Christians also destroyed his kitchen, bedroom and motorcycle." Yet, "There has been
no help from the authorities," he complained.

Pastor Prasad said in brief remarks he was summoned to testify by police, but that he had been unable to go because of his injuries.


Police said however they had registered the so-called 'First Information Report' required to
launch criminal proceedings.

No arrests were reported Sunday, October 19.

Thomas told Worthy News that HI was raising "$5,000 to pay for the pastor's medical bills and a new motorcycle so he can continue to share the Gospel" of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism is part of the pastor's activities.


Hindu groups have been concerned about the spread of Christianity in this predominantly Hindu nation.

Among those converting are many 'Dalits', long viewed as the 'lowest caste' in India's ancient system of Hinduism, according to church and mission groups.

The latest violence has underscored concerns among rights activists about attacks throughout India against devoted Christians and churches.

5 thoughts on “India Extremists Beat Evangelical Pastor Unconscious; Family Attacked

  1. Heavenly Father, I ask that you would strike fear into the hearts of the attackers and the police until they are desperate for relief...until they realize that you are a God that , although merciful, nonetheless you are also a God who will not be mocked. May the attackers and police have nightmares about hell, may they feel what I felt years ago , that hell is eternal, and once you are dead, that is it..may they know that if they do not repent, that is where they will spend eternity. Please give the pastor and his family your peace that surpasses all understanding,and encourage them more than ever to not give up, but to grow even stronger in their trust in you. I ask all this in Jesus' name, AMEN.

  2. Heavenly God, Bharath Matha who is also Durga, Saraswathi and Lakshmi, please make christians leave India and strike fear into their hearts till they go back to their desert lands of the middle east. May they have nightmares about hell on their way through pakistan,
    iran and saudi arabia and also the parched desert lands of palestine where they belong, which is the true hell for them, and not the pristine and glorious India, which belongs to Hindus. please give the person who dare speaks against India,that he shall toil in
    hell for eternity and may the Hindu unity grow stronger in your strength, Oh, Bharath Matha. I ask in your name and eternity oh Bharath Matha, OM.

  3. :Lord Jesus, Protect Your children as they spread the gospel throughout the world and may those who choose to willingly reject You Lord understand that the true hell is not in the parched lands of Palestine, but in eternity, where there is no turning back as a result of rejecting You. May those who are blinded by the lies of the enemy have their eyes opened to the truth. In Jesus name, Amen.

  4. Father God, we come to you in the mighty name of Jesus our Lord and Savior and by the authority of his blood. Father, we pray for Lal Mani Prasad, we pray for his wife and son Samuel Prasad and daughter and all of their entire family. We pray for their divine healing because all things are possible with God. Lord, you healed the blind and the crippled. We ask for your great mercy upon this family that you will touch them with your healing hands from inside out, from head to toe in their mind, body and spirit. Lord Jesus, we pray for the medical staff who attends them that you will give them your divine skills and knowledge and compansionate hearts to treat this family with your tender loving care and mercy and wisdom. Lord Jesus, we pray that you will provide their financial needs just as you gave a coin in the mouth of a fish to pay the taxes. Lord Jesus, we pray that you will help them to forgive their attackers just as you said on the cross: 'Father, forgive them because they know not what they are doing.' Lord we pray that you will fill them with your Holy Spirit and help them to experience your amazing peace, love and joy that is beyond understanding. All things work for good for those who trust in the Lord. Lord, let it all be for your glory. Amen!

  5. This is not what it actually seems n is far more complicated. I have experianced it myself on my stay in India.Normally 80% of the small Christian population in India are Dalits.Lowest of the Low caste within the system. These Dalits are not only being hated by Hindus and Muslims but also by the brahmin Christians( High caste).Even though now the Hindus are receptive towards Dalits ,the upper caste christian converts are merciless towards majority low caste christians and have their own seperate church which has lead these dalit christians to indulge themselves in whole lot of anti indian activities and for which they earned a very bad reputation among the almost patriotic mighty population of Hindus.The Hindus generally receive an outsider with open arms but I dont think our Racist Indian christian brothers will do the same with us. In Goa Its the Racist Brahmin Catholic Church (RCBC) is among the ruling class and so is in Kerela Its among Protestants but not a single Protestant is allowed entry to any Majority Syrian Orthodox Church which consista of complete Brahmin Converts .Casteism is more prominent within Indian Christians Now .Sad but true.So If this Pastor got the beating I m a bit skeptic whether its for a cause .Are our prayers going in vein? Do these christians really deserve it?

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