India: Church Destroyed, Christians Attacked by Hindus

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

NEW DELHI, INDIA (Worthy News)-- Last month a large mob of Hindus destroyed a church in northern India and then beat the pastor and his congregation, according to Barnabas Aid.

Four previous pastors have been driven away because of this kind of ongoing violence by Hindus against Indian Christians.

The church was still under construction when it was destroyed on August 25 when hundreds of Hindus climbed on top of the building and began tearing it up from the top down.

In Karnataka state, south-west India, other Christians were also attacked in three separate incidents.

On August 18, Hindu extremists stormed the home of Ms. Doddamma in Chikkamalaguru district demanding to know who gave her permission to preach Christianity.

When she didn't answer, they dragged Doddamma and her daughter to a nearby temple where they tried to force them both to return to Hinduism; when the pair refused, the extremists brutally beat them while their home was destroyed.

A week earlier, Rev. Paramajyothi was dragged out of his own church in Chitadurga district by Hindu nationalists; after they stripped and beat him in front of his congregation, they told Paramajyothi to leave the village.

On August 3, 50 Hindus attacked a Christian couple in Bijapur district; the mob ordered Somashekarwas and his wife to return to Hinduism, otherwise they had to leave the village if they refused to renounce Christianity.

But after the couple steadfastly refused to renounce their savior, their attackers had the chutzpa to report them to the authorities for forcibly converting Hindus to Christianity!

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      • why do you hindus spread your faith and consruct temples in USA, UK, Australia, other christian countries. if you are in your faith we welcome it, and you don't force to leave this country. who are you to say. okay. you ask all hindus in christian and muslim countries to come to home land and you ask us to leave. for job you go to christian and muslim countries, and some other needs you go to foreign countries.

        okay gentleman. you ask our prime minister Modiji not to visit any foreign countries, not to import any things from foreign countries. you don't buy any foreign articals, item, and not eat any foreign menu. very sorry to say this words.

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