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Security agents scare parishioners from churches

Posted on: 2012-10-16 06:59:47
By Joseph DeCaro

TEHRAN, IRAN (Worthy News)-- Although Halloween isn't celebrated in an Islamic Republic, state security agents have been scaring away potential parishioners from both St. Lukes and St. Pauls churches in Esfahan to prevent Iranians from following Christianity.

Other agents have haunted the Assemblies of God congregation in Tehran as Iran tries to undermine the nation's ancient Christian communities.

Iranian agents have stopped church elders from sharing the Gospel with Muslims; they also frighten away church visitors, spread false rumors among Christian congregations and prevent their children from attending services.

In order to closely monitor all church activities, listening devices were installed in nearby public buildings; additionally, pastors were told to provide Iranian security agents with personal information about their parishioners, who are then placed under surveillance, called in for interrogation and warned about the dire consequences should they continue to be affiliated with the church.

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