Eritrean Christian Refused to Renounce Faith Even Through 13 Years of Suffering in Prison

Thursday, January 18, 2018

(Worthy News) - An Eritrean Christian has opened up about the 13 years of suffering he underwent for his faith in prison, including being punished for months at a time in a confined cell where he could not even stretch his limbs. Despite the suffering, he refused time and time again to renounce his faith.

World Watch Monitor reported on Tuesday that Shiden first came to faith in his late teens, despite the country's hostile treatment of evangelical Christians. He joined military service at the age of 22, but was caught during a secret worship meeting with other Christians.

From there he was moved to prison camps where he was made to suffer under harsh conditions, such as no sanitation, with guards taunting him and telling him to renounce his Christianity. [ Source: Christian Post (Read More...) ]

3 thoughts on “Eritrean Christian Refused to Renounce Faith Even Through 13 Years of Suffering in Prison

  1. He has been released from prison.

    However, as the article goes on to say, he missed out on an education, and career experiences. He also now badly suffers from the multiple traumas. When the enemy of the Gospel puts people into "solitary confinement" it does permanent damage to them. Only God can undo such damage. I mean solitary confinement that is extended like his was.

    Our prayers should be for him to be healed. That does not include Psycho-therapy (the false USA religion).

    May all the abuses he's suffered (why do we not have his name? Is this some made up story?) now also be "in Christ" as Jesus paid for all his sins of thought (and belief) by that crown of thorns and all his sins of omision and commission via Christ's "stripes." May his 13 years of suffering be not wasted. Please God, make it not be wasted. May it serve the many others, worldwide, who've suffered similarly too.

    My Father, turn this time of abuse around for him. Please make the blood of his (and our) Passover Lamb take action, as you did for Moses and Your people in the first Exodus, to continue setting him and his free in all aspects. May he become your servant now in healing, and deliverance from all he suffered at the hands of his captors (and the captors of other Believer's there).


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