Czech Republic accepts Christian refugees

Sunday, January 24, 2016

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Thirty-seven Christian families fleeing from the Islamic State are being relocated to the Czech Republic.

Barnabas Aid and Foundation Generation 21 are working together to fund the flights and the first year costs of accommodating the refugees. The Christians will initially be housed in a refugee facility where they will receive language lessons; from there they will be assimilated into the Czech community with the aid of a network of local churches.

Most of the families had been forced to flee from towns in the Nineveh plain into camps in Erbil, Iraq.

4 thoughts on “Czech Republic accepts Christian refugees

  1. It is encouraging to know that Czech Republic has accepted some Christian Asylum Seeker's families to be relocated. There are large number of Christians struggling for safe lives in different countries like Thailand,Sri Lanka,Malysia,Europe,UK.and the USA. Most of the times they are refused by considering them 'economic migrants' which is not true. In the Islamic Countries,Christian persecution is increasing day by. The Western Church must push the relevant governments to accommodate Christian Asylum Seekers. It is obvious that they can easily adopt the western culture which has strong Christian roots though.

  2. who will accept them who are rejected by UNHCR ? think over it.. many christians has been rejected by UNHCR bangkok, thailand....

  3. Send back the muslims bring in the christians , sounds like Im bias, Read all the horror stories the muslims have created. I dont think we will have problems with the christians

  4. Pakistani persecuted Christian asylum seeker families are really going through very hard time in Thailand. United Nations and Western countries should think about them as well. Unfortunately they are being ignored consistently by United Nations and Western countries.

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