Christian Women Raped by ISIS

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

MOSUL (Worthy News)-- Barnabas Aid has learned that women and girls being held captive by ISIS at Mosul's Badush Prison have been given the choice to either convert to Islam, or suffer rape on a daily basis until they change their minds.

Badush holds hundreds of Christian, Yazidi and Turkmen women who are being gang-raped for refusing to convert to Sunni Islam. Some of them are being sold as sex slaves to recruit Muslim men into ISIS; the selling price for an ISIS slave ranges from $25 to $150(US).

Sharia law permits Muslims to take people as war prizes during jihad. As a result, United Nations officials in Iraq estimate that 1,500 Yazidis and Christians – both women and children – may have been forced into Islam's sex slave trade.

ISIS has proclaimed a caliphate, or Islamic state under the rule of a single ruler called a caliph.

11 thoughts on “Christian Women Raped by ISIS

  1. Lord Jesus, take their minds captive to you and be by their side constantly so they can stand for you during such terrible trials.

  2. Lord Jesus, please uplift and comfort them through your Holy Spirit and help them to abide in you at all times, so they can stand through these trials.

  3. Ecc 3:1 "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:"

    Okay. This has gone on long enough.

    Under the blood of Jesus Christ, in the Name of Y'shua HaMashiach, by the power of the Most High, I ask you, let us all say "Amen" to this prayer,

    Father, for your Name sake, make them stop. A miracle? Yes. I (we) request of You what only You can do. Make the rapes stop. Heal your daughters of what they have done to them in sexual siins.

    I ask you. I know You hear my voice whether it be silent (on the Internet) or audible at home. I ask you. Hear me. Hear me. You require of me to care in a world that only teaches us to not care. Hear me, my God!


  4. Okay, let me show you how it is done.

    If we are "in Christ" then by the blood (of Christ) which we "stand" covered by, we come to the Father and as such are seen as if His (only) Son is asking, instead of we unrighteous.

    So, it is then as if Jesus (aka Y'shua) asks his Father. What request of the Son does the Father deny? None that I know of. So then, this is the essense of "coming boldly before the throne" yet in great humily.

    We ask. And assume God will not deny.

    Stop them, Lord. Do a great and mighty work, uphold Your Name in all this where "allah" is being glorified (engorged with evil deeds) instead.

    Stop them from raping your own. Please. Do that, if nothing else. Amen.

  5. And every day, in the USA, women, men and children are forced likewise to convert to Psychology (from Christianity, that is, faith in Christ, who IS sufficient). It's been going on for decades and rarely does any news agency have the courage to disclose that truth. Let freedom ring! Christ IS sufficient. Psychology is aberrant and only against faith in a Jesus resurrected, alive and involved personally in the lives, for salvation.

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