Chinese House Church Leaders and Toddler Arrested After Singing in Public Park

Thursday, October 19, 2017

(Worthy News) - A Chinese house church pastor, her daughter, and her young grandson have been arrested, weeks after being accused of overstepping the country’s newly tightened religious restrictions.

Chinese officials warned Xu Shizhen in August that publicly sharing her faith puts her in violation of the government policy. It wasn’t her first run-in with authorities; five years before, her previous church was forcibly seized by officials and given to China’s official Three-Self Patriotic Movement church, according to ChinaAid.

After that, she started Zion Church. By singing, dancing, and preaching in the parks and public spaces of Xianning, Hubei province, Xu’s ministry broke the new law, which confines most faith activities to the walls of registered churches. [ Source: Christianity Today (Read More...) ]

1 thought on “Chinese House Church Leaders and Toddler Arrested After Singing in Public Park

  1. She was being foolish and it cost her.

    Jesus warned us not to cast our pearls before swine.

    Only with and in God's wisdom can we determine where, and how, and when, to preach and/or proclaim even the Gospel.

    The stories/examples the apostle Paul (Rabbi Shaul) in the "New Testament" portions of the Christian/Messianic Bibles shows this concept very well as Paul, himself, was one of the first to admit when he exhibited in the wrong place or time, the gifts of God. With the gospel itself our greatest and best gift from the Almighty One.

    It takes wisdom. Even the Messiah, himself, only last about 3 years even in Israel, demonstrating this concept. What if he'd also been foolish and wasted his time and miracles?

    Isn't it wonderful that God forgives, have provided forgiveness to all of us, when we endanger even our little ones. What she did was reckless. We get nothing for claiming it was "for the sake of righteousness" when it wasn't. But we can and are forgiven when we repent.

    People with children and other dependents (i.e. wives, parents who depend on them, etc) can't just throw away their lives claiming they were unjustly persecuted.

    She didn't have to do it that way. It was an act of rebellion against her Chinese authorities, not a biblical right. God's wisdom shows us the difference.

    The good news is that God gives wisdom to all who ask it of Him believing He will give it.

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