China Removed More Than 200 Crosses

Friday, August 29, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

BEIJING (Worthy News)-- Since April, more than 200 church crosses have been forcibly removed by the provincial government in Zhejiang, China, according to International Christian Concern.

Church crosses were forcibly removed from Ruo Heng Church in Wenling City and Cheng Xi Church in Wenzhou City Wednesday while more than 100 police removed the cross from Shangzhou Church in Wenzhou City. At least five Shangzhou congregants were hospitalized for defending their church cross.

In a press conference, Zhejiang officials stated that they can legally remove or alter any illegal construction and religious buildings are not exempt.

"In response to today's cross demolitions," said ICC's Regional Manager for Southeast Asia, Sooyoung Kim, "we once again call on the Zhejiang Provincial government to end its disgraceful cross demolition campaign and to investigate the brutalization of congregants by police ... Zhejiang provincial authorities have ignored their own people's cry for justice, refusing to provide the legal basis by which it has torn down hundreds of church crosses. All Chinese Christians hold a human right to exercise their religion publicly, free from abuse and harassment. The baseless demolition of hundreds of church crosses and the brutalization of dozens of peaceably assembled congregants are clear and reprehensible breaches of that right and cannot go unaddressed."

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  1. Joe, thanks for this news. Is it safe to assume that these are smaller churches that are not a part of the state-sponsored Three Self Patriotic Movement churches? If so, does that mean that they are "unregistered" churches, like the house churches or just registered churches that the government has chosen to look away from thus far?

    • No, you can't assume that these churches aren't part of the state-sponsored Three Self Patriotic Movement because it's been documented that at least one Three Self church has been harassed by Chinese Communist authorities.
      And after that precedent, I'm sure more will follow.

  2. WORLD GONE CRAZY: A cross is the representation of the death of CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST is alive and He is in Heaven with GOD the FATHER. He arose from the grave on the 3rd day (or after 72 hours) and He lives forevermore. Not having a cross to me is no big deal, not knowing JESUS and having Him reside in your heart is the big deal. The cross is just man-made but the HOLY SPIRIT is there by GOD's own direct intervention.

    • Well, I certainly agree with you that Jesus is alive, Wanda. But, the cross is nevertheless the symbolic representation of the substitutionary death and atonement of Jesus Christ for our sins. One cannot be a Christian without going to the cross first (spiritually speaking). It was our sins that placed Him up there, and His blood that saves us down here. Without the cross, there is no Resurrection. Without the Resurrection, we are dead in our sins.

      The significance of the cross is a most important issue for the faithful Chinese Christian who is under persecution. They do not weep for the man-made cross that comes down, but for the government that knows not the Savior. The crosses coming down are just more evidence to them that "In this world, you will have trouble" or "if the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated Me first." The Chinese Christian rejoices in knowing that they are suffering for Jesus' Name.

      Mark 8:34
      "And calling the crowd to him with his disciples, he said to them, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me."

      Matthew 10:38
      "And whoever does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me."

      Romans 5:8
      "But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

      1 Corinthians 1:18
      "For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God."

      1 Peter 2
      “He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.”

      Regardless, I agree with you most wholeheartedly that man-made crosses are NOT to be worshipped as idols at any time, nor does the cross make the Christian or the church. But, that does not mean that churches should not put them up, or that Christians should not have the courage to wear them - especially in Amerika, where our persecution is soft by comparison. I have heard that Joel Osteen's church has no cross in it. if true, I think that this is wholly consistent with his false gospels. No need for that messy bloody negative cross - it gets in the way of the prosperity message and positive self-affirmations. God bless you, Wanda!

      • WORLD GONE CRAZY: Makes sense. They are suffering at this time more than we are here. Our persecution is however increasing and I think as time goes on and we push GOD out even more that Christians will greatly suffer. The LORD suffered greatly and there will be no easy way out, no escape route for the one that are living today. If any of those people find the LORD I am happy for them.
        I don't wear a cross for the simple reason that I would as I said before prefer to realize that He is alive and holds the keys to the Kingdom of GOD and yes I remember His death while I also remember his life and the fact that He arose. The cross (to me) means suffering and death whereas I would prefer to remember all of JESUS miracles and his life and ascension.

        As for Joel Osteen's mega-church I don't know about a cross there. I do know that He preaches the "Feel Good Gospel". Go away feeling good and that everything is going to be just dandy. Instead of preaching the truth that will set the congregation free. His messages are sugar coated and dipped in chocolate. He caters to their "itching ears" and therefore the people pile in there like fly's headed for watermelon. He met not long ago in Rome with the Pope to discuss the coming "One World Religion". That was on the internet, as well as the picture of the Pope with Kenneth Copeland and James Robison as well as with the Muslim Cleric. They all met together as you may know to discuss what they are planning, that we all worship under the same umbrella, Catholics, Christians, and Muslims all worshipping as one in harmony and unity with one another, and Joel Osteen put his stamp of approval on all of it. Hope people are aware of what is going on in the world of religion. It's later than we think. Name by the way is Wandakate.

        • Beautifully put, Wandakate - I could not agree more - and please forgive me for the improper name abbreviation.

          And yes, the Pope giving the time of day to those who surely seem apostate (I'm trying to be generous here) was a very bad move indeed. He has also made a number of off-the-cuff comments that certainly appear to be outside of Christian Orthodoxy. I have chastised these on other sites, particularly the pro-life sites where there are a lot of very solid Catholics present. These Catholics are most chagrined by this - and are wondering when they will have to make a choice to change churches should the church fall away from Christian Orthodox essentials.

          These moments of truth sadly happen a lot in the Protestant churches as well, particularly with regard to SSM, abortion, and radical feminism, which thus far has not infiltrated the Catholic church (overall) to the same degree. While I am not a fan of Catholic doctrine on secondary issues, I do admire their firm Orthopraxy when it comes to SSM and abortion. And the legal persecution they have received under the current president in these areas has brought forth a surge of Protestant preaching and Bible study in some Catholic churches. I was in a Catholic church a few weeks ago and the deacon spoke and questioned the salvation of everyone present (a good thing in my book), followed up by a Catholic seminarian who chastised the congregation for not reading the Bible each and every morning. Persecution brings us all back to the fundamentals, it would seem.

          • WORLDGONECRAZY: Now the name is correct, thanks. Also another thanks for the compliment. I did my best. Seems like things are moving at rapid speed in the plans they have for the future of the church as well as for the new government. Mr. O just has a part to play on the world stage. GOD is orchestrating this whole end time scenario. It's like a play or even a puzzle with all the different pieces being put together until the picture is crystal clear. More things are going to happen but the beginning of the end is upon us, now it's just a matter of time. Only one thing is of utmost importance and that is our "spiritual health". We must pray that our spiritual house is in order. We must not procrastinate. We must have a talk with JESUS and be sure we're on the right page before it's too late. Mr. O says "we need to be prepared". We can expect no help whatsoever from the government, our only hope is going to come from above. May we be ready...

          • And again, I say to you, Wandakate: well-done! Let's also spread the Gospel to the ends of this lost and dying world. Millions are perishing each day without Jesus, and it breaks my heart. God bless you, and keep up the good work!

    • Why should people regard a cross sacred; it is an instrument of death and torture. Surely its the empty tomb that is the sign of victory.

      • John, the empty tomb IS the sign of victory, and, of course, the Resurrection is MOST important. But the cross is also important. No cross, no empty tomb. And, it was your sins and mine that put Jesus up there on the cross - something we can never forget. Every time I put my cross on, I am reminded of that - and it is MOST humbling - and disconcerting.

        But, again, I put the same question to you that I put to Angela: if the symbolism of the cross is not important - then why did Jesus and the apostles refer to its importance in Holy Scripture? (And why did the early church consider it so important?) Jesus commands us to take up our crosses and the associated burdens, and He says if we don't, then we are not worthy of Him. (Matthew 10:38) That does not mean we are to idolize material crosses, of course, but it is clear that the cross is quite important to Jesus. (If not, please explain to me why He said that?) And the Chinese Christian, who has experienced REAL persecution (unlike us comfy Amerikans), knows full well the meaning when their government demolishes crosses. We do not have the right, without being colossal hypocrites, to criticize those who are imprisoned and killed for Jesus' Name in China when all we have to deal with is the godless IRS, the Department of Injustice, and the Abortion President, all of which are demonic enough.

        Hey, the Bible is just paper too, right? We shouldn't idolize the physical Bible itself, right? But, everyone in the former USSR knew precisely what was up when Bibles were confiscated in mass. Their consternation over this was quite worthy. And the abundantly faithful North Korean is well aware the cost of discipleship should he or she be found to be in possession of that Wonderful Book. China does not have enough copies of God's Word, so I encourage all to donate Bibles to them through the American Bible Society, Voice of the Martyrs, etc. May God bless you abundantly and keep you, John!

      • Although Jesus is our salvation, the cross represents the method of that salvation; it has become the universal symbol of Christianity from the steel cross beams found in the ruins of the WTC to the top of any church steeple.

        Otherwise why would atheists be so opposed to crosses?

  3. Anyone who would die for a cross is ignorant, at best. That cross didn't die for you or me. Jesus did. Sure, we all understand what the cross stands for. That's why so many wear it round their necks while openly following every evil inclination instead. To diminish it's meaning. But really, how much sense does it make? If Jesus had been killed by electic chair would be then be shamed into dying for images of electric chairs set atop houses of worship? Only those truly knowing Jesus as Savior, the one and only Word of God come in the flesh, can wear His Name in God's sight. The opinion of men, women and/or children count for nothing if God, the Father does not first see us "in His Name." Even Scripture, holy and given by God to us, to all mankind (if only all would accept it) did not shed it's blood for us. It has no blood. Jesus did. I find it hard to discover good reasons for anyone to die or even be harmed to save a symbol. Now, for the real thing? Yup.

    • Angela: what makes you think that the persecuted Chinese Christians (and those in other countries) are dying for crosses?!? What data do you have to support such an assertion? They are being persecuted for Christ. God knows what is in their hearts a bit more than you do. How you can sit over here in comfy America and falsely judge the faithful Chinese Christian, who knows what real persecution is for Jesus, is totally beyond me.

      Furthermore, the fact that SOME apostates wear crosses bears no witness to an assertion that all do. That is totally illogical. Some of us wear crosses to begin witnessing conversations with others and to stand boldly for Christ in a darkening world. (Some who do NOT wear crosses admit to me that they are afraid of offending others with their Christianity.) There are countries where wearing the cross will get you the same punishment as possession of a Bible. By your logic, we should not carry our Bibles around, just because some who do so are apostate.

      So, if you choose not to wear a cross, that is fine. Do not condemn those who do - only God can do that. But, if you are a member of the Jehovah's Witness cult, this site is for Christians, not Jehovians, who assert a different "jesus" and believe that only pagans wear crosses. (Notice the title of the site at top.) I have provided ample Scriptural evidence in my previous posting that the Lord Jesus Christ referred to crosses and that his apostles did so as well. Clearly, they did not think so little of the symbol as you do.

      If I have been too harsh toward a fellow believer, I sincerely apologize, Angela. God bless!

  4. The cross is an offence to the world because it is a reminder of the sin condition of mankind. On the other hand, to the Christian it represents liberty and freedom from sin, specifically to those who accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord. It is for this reason China like so many other countries are threatened by the cross, as they maintain a yoke of bondage and oppression over the people. The last thing governments like that of China want is for a people to express a free spirit especially in Christ, therefore it is compelled to squash the cross in an attempt to diminish hope in any force other than the government. This hope in Christ through his shed blood for the atonement of sin is a growing threat worldwide and so the cross is symbolic of freedom and hope must be extinguished for the light of God not to shine. It would be better for Americans and Christian’s world wide to simply boycott goods from such oppressive regimes. There is no compromise; there is no middle ground for the true Christian, what's to argue about.

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