China Intensifying Persecution of Christians

Friday, August 1, 2014

By Joseph DeCaro, Worthy News Correspondent

BEIJING (Worthy News)-- Chinese authorities are escalating their attacks on churches since they perceive the growth of Christianity as a threat to their communist regime, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Security officials have forcibly removed crosses from two churches in the coastal province of Zhejiang and now plan to demolish more than 100 of its churches.

Government officials have already disrupted church services, confiscated or destroyed church property and detained congregations in Beijing and elsewhere. And some confrontations with the Communists have turned violent: Fourteen members of the Wenzhou-based Salvation Church in Zhejiang province were injured last week by police after Chinese authorities claimed the church had violated zoning laws.

"Nobody has any illusions that citing zoning law is nothing but looking for an excuse for the current wave of clamping down on Christian churches," Renee Xia, international director for the activist group Chinese Human Rights Defenders, stated in an email. "This is one example of the governments sophisticated management of international opinion ... As the new President Xi Jinping re-asserted the Communist Party's absolute rule and is reining in any potential threat, religious persecution of Christians and others ... is likely to escalate."

The U.S. State Department raised several concerns about China in its annual international religious freedom report released Monday. The report revealed that Chinese officials also persecuted Tibetans, Falun Gong followers and Muslim Uighurs.

6 thoughts on “China Intensifying Persecution of Christians

  1. This right here shows that there is something powerful in the name of "Jesus". Kings can't stomp it out, nor can Satan. But it surely will be coming to a church near you !

  2. Why did they have crosses on their meeting places? When does it cross the line between being persecuted for righteousness sakes and asking to be a target? ""Nobody has any illusions that citing zoning law is nothing but looking for an excuse for the current wave of clamping down on Christian churches." could just as easily be said (and was said) of Lewiston, Idaho, USA, way back in 1988. They outlawed (and they are not the only US zoning to do so) meetings in homes. Unless all the persons so meeting were all family, like lived there. That effectively made everyone have to go to a "church" building. Folks, the word "church" is a Catholic construct, the same as using the name of a pagan goddess for the anniversary of the Resurrection of our Lord. Stop using it, and making yourselves a target for suffering for Christ when he wants us to be his feet and hands. That's hard to do when you are confined with the torturer. Jesus died to set us free. To serve God. If the Chinese brethren have got the idea of how it's a great honor to suffer for Christ, and the US brethren haven't a clue, somewhere in the middle is wisdom and balance and doing what God would have us DO.

    • Chinese Christians have crosses on their meeting places for the same reason Occidental Christians do: because they're all churches.

  3. The USSR also persecuted Christ and they were destroyed The Peoples republic of China is Next
    on The Lords Hit list

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