Calling Worship ‘Unlawful Assembly,’ Police in Uttar Pradesh, India, Arrest Six Christians

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

(Worthy News) - Berating and slapping a pastor for reading the Bible instead of Hindu texts, police in Uttar Pradesh state, India last month detained six Christians under “unlawful assembly” laws for worshiping together, sources said.

After traveling from Etah village to a church in nearby Pujaripurvah, the six Christians were detained for nine days before they were granted bail by Bahriach District’s Second Class Judicial Magistrate Court on July 5.

Police on June 25 arrived at the worship service in Pujaripurvah village and confiscated Bibles, hymn books and devotionals. Station House Officer (SHO) Aravind Kumar of Nanpara demanded that Pastor Asha Ram Sahni hand over literature he suspected was used to convert people, the church leader said. [ Source:MorningStar (Read More...) ]

3 thoughts on “Calling Worship ‘Unlawful Assembly,’ Police in Uttar Pradesh, India, Arrest Six Christians

  1. As degrading and painful as this has to be, we as Christians accept that these things need to happen (as written) before the one event that 1/2 the world prays for to happen, and the other 1/2 ridicules - takes place. Pay attention to Prophesy. We will be hated and persecuted. It is all part of the package. To expect the blind to have awakenings of spiritual light first requires that Christians, true followers of the Christ pray for their awakening with the same love that we pray for ourselves.

  2. When I visited one great Christian Institution of India one Sunday morning a few years back where I had to speak at the morning service. My host took me around the campus and saw dozens of street children taking bath with smile.

    My host was a Hindu lawyer from a very high caste family from one Southern State. He came to follow JESUS through a healing miracle when he was working as a Labor lawyer of the Government of India in a remote area of the nation.

    The current rulers of India sent their delegates with the warning to teach Hinduism to the street children which was fully declined by my friend. The local police brought the children of the prisoners to this rescue center. Now that ministry towards the unwanted street children is finished with due to the hardcore theocratic policy imposition of the anti-minority Government, especially the anti-Christian Government of India.

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