Authorities in Sudan Demolish Church Building in Khartoum

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

(Worthy News) - Authorities in Sudan yesterday demolished a church building in North Khartoum, sources said.

The 64 members of the Evangelical Church in Al Haj Yousif in the Sudanese capital will have no place to worship next Sunday after land officials sent a bulldozer accompanied by police to tear down their building without prior notice, according to one of the church’s leaders. Police on three trucks arrived at the church compound accompanied by a bulldozer just a few hours after the end of Sunday worship, the leader said.

“They took everything from the church,” she said. [ Source: Morningstar News (Read More...) ]

3 thoughts on “Authorities in Sudan Demolish Church Building in Khartoum”

  1. It's happening in so many places because "now is the time" for Christians to stop using the name "church" completely for their congregations. God is letting this happen because so many Christians are not using what God gave them, a direct line to the Almighty to ask Him "why?"

    "Church" was invented by the Catholics for their places of worship. In reading this article, all it tells us is that this is an "Evangelical Church" which really doesn't us enough. It could be Lutheran, which often calls itself evangelical while also calling the whole assortment of (old) Catholic deceased saints "saints" as if it's okay to pray to them (Necrophilia). In the US, far too many "Protestant" "Christians" even go so far as to name their "churches" after St. ______, (you fill in the blank).

    When we get our eyes off of Y'shua (Jesus) it more than likely becomes idolizing someone else.

    This article says there are 64 members of that "church." So now, they will have to be more than a club, won't they? They will have to learn to meet in a biblical fashion and call themselves a congregation. Or they could just keep on being "a church" and find out the Holy Spirit convicts of both righteousness and of sin. To ignore what God is telling us, is rebellion.

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